דף הבית בלוג 5th International Narcissia's Workshop

5th International Narcissia's Workshop


Face Design and Anti Aging Laser Workshop at 2-9 of May 2018, Tel Aviv

5D 2018

Narcissia’s team :

Master of Pharmacy, Ekaterina Salmina

Engineer, The Technion, Yuriy Komar

Dr. Alberto Villalobos Gonzalez

Dr. Ludmila Kapustina

Negotiator, Leon Fainberg

 in Israel by: Dr. Leon Spivak, Dr. Vaiman Sergei

for: Dr. Sergei Zaycev-Zorin, Dr. Irina Bragina, Dr. Mkhtryan Susanna, Dr. Zhurilo Elena, Dr. Yael Rivkin

5D 2018  – is a face/neck laser design and anti aging

of muscles, fats, skin in

Moscow, Oriol, Samara                  Russia

Tel Aviv, Narcissia                               Israel

Goyania                                               Brasil

Costa Rica                                Costa Rica    

5D laser lypolisys without cannula «Endoilifting» is available in

Goyania                                             Brasil

Rishon le Tzion, Narcissia                 Israel

This workshop included laser techniques advancing and suiting for different skin types (42 patients of Fizpatrick 3,4,5,6 groups with almost equal dispersion between of them) 

Syllabus can be found in Attachment number 1 (may require translator from Russian):

Special guests:

Dr. Olga Kolsanova

Dr. Leon Spivak

Dr. Vaiman Sergei

Dr. Emil Litvak 

Dr. Yael Rivkin

The techniques was shown and also all treaters and tx trainers are signed minimum 10million $ (2018) non-disclosure document of keeping information without teaching that info out of 5D group by Narcissia ***(2)):

***(2) Original document is in Hebrew (here attached also Spanish automatically translated version atachment number 2

  1. «NewEyes» – full middle third of a face laser and ultrasound design and anti aging protocol. Alternate to surgical blepharoplasty sales protocols and marketing instruments were showed and presented for this product as a single product for sale in a 3-4 treatments treating packet
  2. «UpLift» – the next generation of «BuccinatoreLift» protocol for lifting and anti aging of lower third of a face. Intra oral and extra oral methodics
    1. Indroducing to  lower triangle muscles via mucosa  with Nd.Yag laser 
    2. Fat sells (Bish, Neck, etc.) burning with new technics of treating
      1. the series of long pulses (about 6-10 pulses in 3-7 seconds) for fat burning
  3. «RhynoLase» – the non surgical alternate to rhinoplasty in a more than a half cases
    1. Introducing to additional Nd.Yag methodic
  4.   «Double Chin» – minimally surgical lypolisis with dynamic not steeled cannula
    1. R27 + fiber 600
    2. No R27 only fiber
  5. Endo Lifting – 2nd stage of Neck Lypolisis treatment for skin tightening 
    1. Minimally Invasive methodic with no R27 but fiber 
    2. No invasive methodic with R33 + R04

02-13/4/2017 – advanced laser methodic in face and skin tightening methods rejuvenation with erbium 2940 nm Yag and neodymium 1064 nm Yag laser aesthetic and global anti aging minimally invasive treatments; advanced post treatments methodic; exclusive R&D theories of treatments; Results of clinical studies by Doctor Alberto Villalobos together with a drbeauty.co.il owner mr. Yuriy Komar, in the name of future advancing and mutual patenting; Introducing to laser reflexology.

Total course 2: 64 supervised practice hours

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